Terracotta Tiled Floor Cleaned and Sealed in Andover, Hampshire

by Charles Okwechime

Posted on 19 June, 2014,10:28 am

Terracotta-Tiled-Floor-Before-Cleaning-in-Andover cleaning

ThisTerracotta tiled floorwas installed in the dining room of a house inAndoverand as you can see from the photograph below the floor had not been maintained very consistently and was now well overdue for a complete strip, clean and reseal.


terracotta tiled floor cleaning

Cleaning Terracotta Tile

To get the floor clean and remove previous sealers and coatings I mixed a strong solution ofTile Doctor Pro-CleanwithNanoTech UltraCleanwhich basically adds tiny abrasive particles to a heavy duty alkaline cleaning agent to produce a very effective stripper/cleaner which being alkaline is ideal for cleaning natural products such as Terracotta.

This formula was scrubbed into the tile using ablack scrubbing padfitted to a rotary machine running on a slow speed which helps to reduce splashing; this activity soon brought the dirt off the floor and the soiled cleaning solution was removed using a wet vacuum and the floor was rinsed down with clean water. The cleaning process was repeated a couple of times until we were happy with the floor, a stiff hand brush was then used along the grout lines with more Pro-Clean to clean up the grout. There were a few stubborn paint splashes on the floor and these were removed by spotting the affected area withRemove and Goand a steamer to lift the stain out of the clay.
Once happy the floor was clean it was given a thorough rinse to neutralise it and remove any remaining chemical and left it to dry overnight.


terracotta tiled cleaning hampshire

Sealing Terracotta Tile

The next day we came back to seal the Terracotta using numerous coats ofTile Doctor Seal and Gowhich is an ideal sealer for Terracotta and provides durable stain protection together with a low sheen finish. Terracotta is by its nature very porous and so its not unknown for it to take up to nine coats of sealer, which can take some time to apply as like paint you have to wait until its dry before you can apply the next coat.


terracota tiled floor cleaning

Author: Charles Okwechime

Owner of Clean Plan – Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Company in Portsmouth.