Carpet cleaning Maintenance Plan

carpet cleaning chart

How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

Good quality carpets are a major investment and it pays you to look after them but just how often they should be cleaned depends on your household. Every household is unique! The number of adults, children and pets in the home is a major consideration, as the more feet, the more soil!

Many other factors including the type of carpet, type of soil and even your ventilation system all go to determine what is best for your particular household, which is why we conduct a Healthy Home Carpet Evaluation.

Carpet cleaning evaluation

On an Evaluation we will look at all the facts, and not make assumptions. For example if you took two homes next door to each one belonging to a young family with pets at home most of the day, and the other home the same size, but owned by a young professional couple, out most of the day and evening  the difference in cleaning would be vast!

As a guide to help answer the question, the Textile Cleaning Standard from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) the worlds leading body on textile cleaning have produced a report.

They have worked with fibre producers, carpet manufactures and the Environmental Protection Agency in America and here in the UK to give a guide to the frequency of carpet cleaning in the  (SHOWN ABOVE)

Remember you shouldn’t wait for your carpet to look dirty before you clean  its important to keep your filters clean so they can look after your family!

The one thing we can recommend is that you look at a planned maintenance programme. We will keep your clean carpets clean and leave you to get on enjoying your life!

Use the correct filtered vacuum cleaner regularly to reduce dust in the home and have a planned maintenance programme with professional cleaning.

Maintenance Plan

This chart illustrates how carpets with planned cleaning and maintenance schedules, greatly outlast those cleaned on an unplanned or neglected basis.

Need help with carpet maintenance?

If you have any questions about carpet maintenance or need help, please book our free, no-obligation evaluation now or get in touch with Charles Okwechime at Clean Plan Services - click here for contact details.