Protect your furniture against dust mites

Protect your furniture against dust mites… and wear and tear

ALLTEC ‘Healthy Home system of cleaning is designed to give people with busy lives the peace-of-mind that their home is clean, safe and will help prevent their family from allergies.

All the Healthy Home products are tested and proven to be environmentally safe for humans, pets and plants, and used as part of a regular maintenance programme will keep your furnishings looking like new and eliminate allergens from the House Dust Mite.

The main anti-allergen product is PROmite™, a unique product which is applied in a fine spray to cover each and every fibre of your furnishings with an ‘invisible shieldÂ’ after cleaning. This will benefit you in three ways:

  1. Prevents new house dust mites living on the protected surfaceÂ… stopping their allergen.
  2. Will give protection from most household soils and spills including oil spills.
  3. Retards the wear and will make your treated fabrics and carpets look newer and cleaner for longer.

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Need help to kill dust mites?

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Look at the difference when liquid is spilt on carpet protected with Promite (right hand side of picture).